Job Advocates

Job Advocates are regularly located at our Preston, Northcote and Reservoir branches. 

*Please note our Job Advocates service has concluded for 2023.*

Job Advocates can help in numerous ways, from applying for jobs to connecting you with skills and training through work and learning centres, TAFE skills, job centres, apprenticeships and traineeships.

Our Job Advocates can also help you find long term employment by: 

  • Helping you apply for jobs
  • Connecting you with skills and training through work and learning centres, apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Linking you to a Jobs Victoria Mentor. A Jobs Victoria Mentor can give you hands-on practical support with job search tips, writing a resume, interview practicing, talking to you about how your interviews went, and checking in with you on your work search journey.
  • Job Advocates also work with employers to find employees. They have local connections to Darebin employers and can match you up to a suitable employer. 

Where to find a Job Advocate

Northcote Library Mondays 10am - 12pm Fortnightly From 16 January 2023
Preston Library Friday 10am - 12pm Fortnightly From 27 January 2023
Reservoir Library Thursday 10am - 12pm Monthly From 9 February 2023

Find more information on our Job Advocates here

Please note this service is dependant on Job Advocates' availability on the day. For the most up to date information you can use the Contact Us form or call 1300 655 355