Overdue Fines Amnesty

Overdue fines will be wiped for library members who visit us in person, chat to a team member about their fines, and discover something new.


Discover something new and we’ll wipe your fines. 

Things to discover:

  • Download and log in to the Darebin Libraries app
  • Read a book from Darebin Deadly Reads
  • Visit us during Libraries After Dark
  • Stream a film on Kanopy
  • Subscribe to the Darebin Libraries enewsletter
  • Come to Rhyme Time, Storytime or STEAM Club
  • Sign up for an event at one of our libraries
  • Take climate action with our energy efficiency kits
  • Listen to an audiobook on BorrowBox or Libby
  • Receive job assistance from our Job Advocates
  • Attend Device Advice to receive digital support
  • Have documents witnessed by a Justice of Peace

The Darebin Libraries team is always ready to help, we are great at finding information, providing recommendations, and introducing our community to new resources, ideas, services and technology. If you have a question, need help, or would like more info on something, please reach out, we will gladly help you.

The Darebin Libraries Fine Amnesty is between 7 November 2022 and 30 June 2023. During this time, we will not charge or collect overdue fines.


Automatic renewals

Darebin Libraries has introduced automatic renewals for a maximum of two additional loan periods. This means that on the due date, if:

  • the item(s) isn’t reserved by another library member, or
  • the item(s) hasn’t already been renewed twice

your item will be automatically renewed for another 3 weeks. Learn more here.

Lost and damaged charges still apply.