Edmund Allchin

Edmund Allchin was born on 12 June 1852 to Christopher and Lydia Allchin (nee Walton) of Magill, Adelaide.  He married Amelia Kate Hooper of Port Fairyin 1885 and moved to Preston around 1892 to become a general storekeeper formore than 30 years in Plenty Road, South Preston.  He represented the ratepayers for 15 years in the East Riding in the Preston Council. He was elected Shire President three times in 1908-09, and consecutively from 1917-18 and 1918-19.  During the years of WWI he actively supported the troops meeting every returning troops steamer in his motor car at the port. The shire hall flag was flown at half mast on the day of hisfuneral.  He died aged 60 years at home on14 July 1921 and under the terms of a will made in 1898 left real estate to the value of £7,510 and personal property of £6,278 to his widow Amelia.  Edmund left behind a widow Amelia, three daughters Ruby, Lily and Pearland a son Harold.


In October 1901 Edmund’s Preston store was broken into by repeat offender Charles Edwards.  The premises were on fire after Charles left the scene and he was charged with arson and robbery.  Edwards had only been out of jail for three days when the Allchin robbery occurred having served 12 months in prison for stealing a horse and buggy in Northcote. Edwards was sentenced to three years for the Preston store robbery.


This was not the first robbery to have occurred in Allchin’s Plenty Road general store.  In 1899 he had a considerable amount of tobacco, fabric, clothing and blankets stolen and carried off in his delivery horse and cart.

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