Llewellyn Jones

Preston Mayor (1919 - 1920, 1925 - 1926 & 1931 - 1932)

Mr Llewellyn Jones, an auctioneer with the A. Robertson Estate Agency, served on the Preston Council from 1917 to 1934, including terms as mayor in 1919-20, 1925-6, and 1931-32. He was Mayor during 1925-6 when the Town of Preston was elevated to the status of a City. In his role as real estate agent, Jones participated in many of the land subdivisions in Preston, including, Oakhill, Gowerhill, Braithwaites, Evelyn, Tramway Terminus and Regent Station estates. He was to retire from real estate in 1950. In his position as Councillor during the Depression of the 1930s, Jones was instrumental in ensuring the council funds were kept safe, transferring much of the funds to the Bank of New South Wales.

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