Butchers shops at 721 High Street Reservoir

721 High Street Reservoir

In 1879 Gottlieb Seeber set up a butcher's shop on the northwest corner of High Street and Regent Street Preston (later Reservoir). Little did he realise that he was establishing a pattern of butcher's shops operating from that site for nearly a hundred years. Seeber remained at shop until the early 1890s when it was briefly occupied by Eliz Veale. We do not know if Eliz ran it as a butcher's or some other business.

In 1897 Samuel Steers established his butchers business on the premise.  He only lasted until 1899 and was succeeded by A. Webb. Webb lasted only a short time before William Cowley became the latest butcher to take up residence.

Hugh Newell was there by 1911 and stayed until 1918 when he was replaced by the Dinwoodle Brothers. It was probably during Newell's time that the original timber building was knocked down and replaced by a new brick shop. In 1922 David Pearce was there but didn't last long before A.E. Williams replaced him. Williams was to have a long standing relationship with the business remaining there until at least 1942.

The original address of the site would have just been High Street Preston but by the early 1900s it was 611 High Street Preston. Around the mid 1920s the property was renumbered as 635 High Street Preston and by 1933 was 721 High Street Reservoir. The building no longer exists. 

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