1 Tower Avenue, Alphington

'Edgebaston' was built in 1883 - 1886 by Thomas Stokes, a business man who had made his fortune in the gold rush and established the die-sinking and electroplating firm Stokes and Martin. From the 1860's the land had been farmed by different members of the Perry family and was called Fulham Grange. It was sub-divided in the 1880s; 7 acres of which was bought by Stokes. Stokes died in 1910 and in 1913 John Towers, his wife Margaret and their family, moved into 'Edgebaston'. In February 1914 the estate was subdivided and 24 villa sites became available along Heidelberg Road, Tower Street and Margaret Grove. Towers left the area in 1917. Although altered with additions to the front verandah and with a considerable reduction in the garden Edgebaston continues to be a family home to this day.

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