Worthing (Marienfels)

155 Clarke Street, Northcote

The Victorian two storey house at 155 Clarke Street, Northcote, was known as "Worthing". It was built in 1887 by estate agent and builder, Edward Bailey. It was part of a subdivision sold to the Dane, Severin Salting, in 1854, by Charles Gerrard from his 1840 land grant. In the 1890s Bailey sold "Worthing" to a civil servant, John R. Jackson who occupied the house for 20 years. Jackson became a Northcote councillor in 1903-1908. Early in the 20th century it was bought by the poet, Marie E. Pitt who renamed it "Marienfels". Writer Bernard O'Dowd left his wife and family in 1909 to live with Marie Pitt at "Marienfels". Butler, Graeme (1982). City of Northcote urban conservation study. Alphington: City Of Northcote.

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