Fairfield Library

In 1962 Fairfield separated from the City of Heidelberg and joined the City of Northcote. The same year, the library joined the Fairfield Baby Health Centre at 84 Arthur Street Fairfield. The library space was originally used by the City of Heidelberg for the collection of rates. During the 1970s it had the highest number of books issued out of the library branches. In 1979, the community pushed for a new library as 811 Fairfield residents signed a petition. In a Northcote City Council chambers meeting, the Arthur Street branch was described as a ‘disaster’ and a ‘stable’. 
As a result, the library was moved to 146 Station St Fairfield. The shopfront library was officially opened on July 27 1981 by Cr. Russell Badham who stated, ‘a library should be an integral part of a community’. Council held onto the site at 84 Arthur Street. It was used for special occasions. 
In February 1987, Northcote City Council declared Fairfield library was going to move to a house library at 154 Station Street Fairfield. The Community House Library Fairfield officially opened by Cr. David Redfeam on 29th April 1987. The centre librarian, Paul Michell, said in an interview the house set up was to have a facility where different rooms could be used for different activities. The library offered computer studies, adult education, photocopying, story readings and a bathroom, complete with a bath! Michell said the children could ‘destroy the place’, adding ‘as long as it’s all cleaned up before they leave’ as it is a space just for the children. 
In April 1996, the City of Darebin announced a plan to build a multi-purpose community facility at 121 Station Street with a new library, meeting rooms and maternal and child health. The Mayor Cr Chris Kelly officially opened the Fairfield Community Centre on 24th July 1999. The architect Andrew Wallace, from Terence Carey Architects created an environmentally sustainable building with a focus on glulam beam corridors, a red concrete walkway and angled sandstone exterior walls. 

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