The College of Art Needlework (1912-1920)

205 High Street Northcote

The imposingly titled College of Art Needlecraft came into being in 1912 under the supervision of Mrs E. and Miss Walker. Their premises was 205 High Street Northcote.

With impressive front page adverts it seemed to be offering the young ladies of Northcote the chance of improving their needlecraft, an admirable skill in Northcote in the early 1900s. The Sands and McDougall directories of that era have a more pragmatic description of the business, referring to it as a Fancy Goods shop. 

Whilst we cannot determine the nature of the educational services offered, we do know the shop sold a wide range of goods including women's clothing, kitchen wares, silks, wool, toys, bags etc. A 'Bewildering Collection of fancy goods.' The Walker ladies continued to operate their shop until 1921 when R. Annear took over. 

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