The Kellaway family

Reverend Alfred Charles Kellaway was born in Dorset in September 1856. The family came to Australia at the age of seven. While studying at Melbourne University to complete a Master of Arts, he had been ordained as a deacon (1885) and a minister (1886). That same year he married Annie Carrick Roberts. He was the curate at St. James’ Cathedral when it was in Williams Street. He was Chairman of the Church Missionary Association. Briefly, we was editor of the Victorian “Churchman” newspaper, which has been published since 1879. 
He became the vicar of All Saints’ Anglican Church Northcote in 1901 and remained for 29 years. He had five children, Gwendoline (1887), Charles (1889), Kathleen (1890), Francis (1895) and John (1897). Charles became a well-known doctor in Toorak. Francis died in the First World War in October 1917. He received the Military Cross.
 Gwen received a Diploma in Education in 1911. In 1912, she became a missionary and teacher with the Anglican Missionary Association. She moved to Southern India to teach and empower women. In 1925, The Vanitha Mandiram Bible School was established, of which Gwen was founder principal. The building was built with donations from All Saints Church Northcote. 
The Reverend Kellaway died on 21 November, 1930. After his death, Gwen retired back to Melbourne in 1946. She passed 28h August 1972.  

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