Northcote Lives - an Oral History Project

Northcote High School conducted some interviews. This 45pp document was published in 1996.

Interviewees are listed below with birth locations and date:
Linda Bottegal – Belluno - Italy (1917)
Daisy Donovan – Kensington (1913)
Eve Grierson – Carlton (1921)
Joyce Hurley – Collingwood (1924)
Thomas Hurley – Warnambool (1914)
Linda la Rose – Northcote (1921)
Sam Lemay – Abbotsford (1915)
Sylvia Lemay – Carlton (1923)
Alice Puche – Bendigo (1913)
Ellen Westlake – Northcote (1909)

All the participants lived in Darebin.

Nick Murphy, Curriculum Coordinator – Northcote High School

Primary Year 10 students coordinating the project:
Samantha Brabazon, Joseph Di Girolamo, Shane Howell, Laura Johnson, Peta Mitchell.

Other Year 10 students involved:
Erdoan Bakal, Jessica Boubis, Adrian Cannistraro, William Gielewski, Megan Krosemeijer, Stacey Lowe, Chris Martin, Phoebe Montague, Carly Murphy, Kane Partridge, Ali Ramadan, Preetika Sushil, Ben Sutter, Xiomara White, Chris Wong, Tong Yang, David Wells.

Northcote Lives: An Oral History Project (1996). Compiled by students at Northcote High School.