Land Sales - Tramway Estate

The first Tramway Estate sales began as early as 1913 and were still going in 1925.   The extent of the various Tramway Estate's were huge and stretched from Gilbert Road to Albert Street and Bell Street to near Boldrewood Parade in Reservoir.

Mitchell's Tramway Corner Estate which was based around Gilbert, Elizabeth and Miller Streets and were sold in 1925.   At the time blocks sold for between £4 and £7.    In 2017 dollars that £7 would be worth $562.  The whole estate was sold for £123.

Doolan's Tramway Heights was the streets around the Rose, Shamrock and Thistle Hotel, and the Tramway Terminus Estate was centred around Gilbert Road and Cramer Street.  There was another Tramway Estate land sale based on land between Bell Street and Gower Street along Albert Street


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