12 Hanslope Avenue Alphington

'Hanslope' is a residence at 12 Hanslope Avenue, Alphington. J.W. Gosling purchased Crown Portion 116 in June 1840. Thomas Tame, a bootmaker in Fitzroy, purchased 6 and 1/2 acres on Heidelberg Road, as well as allotments in the Lucerne and Knockando Estates. By the end of 1883 'Hanslope' had been constructed. the house was built to face across Heidelberg Road over to the Yarra Valley. Thomas Tame died in 1900, aged 63, and the property was carried on by Anne Tame, presumably his widow. By c1913, Anne had leased 'Hanslope' and one acre to a Mr Kelton and moved to Waldemar Road, Heidelberg. Today, 'Hanslope' exists on a double block - the grounds having been subdivided and built on in the 1920s - and is now a private residence.

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