Library membership guidelines

Learn about the rules, regulations and expected behaviours if you are a Darebin Libraries member.

As a Darebin Libraries member, I agree to abide by all Darebin Libraries' rules, regulations and expected behaviours, including:

  1. Abiding by our conditions of entry
  2. following our Lending Policies and Procedures
  3. return, or renew, loans before or on the due date
  4. pay for lost or damaged products and membership cards
  5. notify the library immediately of a change of address or loss of card
  6. borrowing and/or use the products from Darebin Libraries that I produce my
    membership card.

Agreement to accept email/SMS notices

By agreeing to receive email/sms notices I will abide by the following regulations:

  1. I agree to take full responsibility to check my email account for library notices
  2. Darebin Libraries accepts no responsibility for any fines incurred due to unread
    emails/SMS notices and/or incidental perusal of overdue notices by a third
  3. all notices will be sent to the email address supplied on this form
  4. notify the library immediately of change of email address or mobile number
  5. please be aware if you have anti-spam software on your email account, notices maybe diverted into a junk folder.

Agreement to use internet/wireless services

  1. All customers must be a member of Darebin Libraries and produce their membership card or ID
  2. Darebin Libraries is not responsible for information accessed, viewed or
    downloaded by customers that is considered sexually explicit or pornographic,
    obscene, threatening or defamatory
  3. customers are prohibited from violation of copyright laws, damaging or altering
    library computer hardware or software
  4. customers must abide by the library policies and guidelines and follow requests
    and instruction from staff.

Acceptable forms of identification

Please provide one of the following forms of identification if you would like to join the library.

Please note: the identification provided must be current with letters or bills being less than three months old.

  • Drivers' licence
  • learner's permit
  • proof of age card
  • keypass photo id
  • car registration
  • current centrelink card
  • utility account (eg. gas, electricity)
  • telephone or mobile phone bill
  • bank or credit card statement (printouts from internet banking are not acceptable);
  • bank passbook, if address is shown
  • council or water rate notice
  • rental agreement
  • document from a Government department (eg, Australian Tax Office, Child Support Agency)
  • document from a recognised educational institution
  • certified bank statement printed at the branch
  • firearms licence
  • boat licence.