Portable induction cooktops

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Discover the advantages of induction cooktops with our Portable Induction Cooktop kits. Trial induction technology and reduce gas emissions.

Discover the advantages of induction cooktops and electrify your household appliances by replacing gas hobs. Use our Portable Induction Cooktop kits to trial the technology, including the compatibility of your existing cookware, before making a decision to upgrade.

Portable Induction Cooktop kits are available to borrow for up to 2 weeks. Each kit includes a Westinghouse WHIC01K portable induction cooktop, a magnet to test cookware compatibility, instructions, and a portable induction cooktop manual.

Advantages of using an induction cooktop:

  • Precise, easy to control heat
  • Faster heating and cooking than standard electric and gas cooktops
  • Cheaper to run: all-electric homes can significantly reduce energy costs
  • Better for the planet: electric cooking can be powered by renewable energy such as solar or GreenPower. Gas use in households results in significant greenhouse emissions which contributes to climate change
  • Safer to use: no naked flames like gas cooktops. Induction cooktops use a copper coil beneath the surface to generate electro magnetic energy. This energy transfers directly to heat the pan instead of also heating the cooktop.
  • Cleaner air: No chemicals are released when using induction cooktops. Studies have shown that gas cooktops produce indoor air pollution that is known to increase the risk of asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Please note that each kit must be returned to the branch it was borrowed from.

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How to use your cooktop

Watch a video to learn how to use the Portable Induction Cooktop kit.

Go Electric

For more information about upgrading to induction cooking, and the other steps to going electric in your home, check out the City of Darebin Go Electric web page.