Energy efficiency tool kits

Energy efficiency kits

Learn about our Energy Efficiency Tool Kits and how you can take action to make your homes more efficient, reduce emissions and save money.

Our Energy Efficiency Toolkits are designed to help you assess the energy efficiency of your home. These kits can help you take action to make your home more efficient, reduce emissions and save money.

Each toolkit includes a PowerMate Lite energy meter, energy saving thermometer, mini non-contact thermometer, water flow measuring cup, instructions, and our top tips for improving energy efficiency in your home. Each tool will give information about important aspects of your home's efficiency, which can help you to work out what steps you can take to reduce your energy use.

Thermal Camera Tool Kits are also available for loan. Thermal cameras can help you accurately target potential faults and troubleshoot repairs.

Tool kits can be borrowed for seven days.

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