Overdue, lost and damaged items

Information about fines and charges and what to do if you are experiencing financial difficulty.

Overdue fines

From 7 November 2022 to 30 June 2023 we are offering an overdue fines amnesty. This means:

  • we will not charge or collect overdue fines, and
  • if you have an overdue fine on your account, please visit the library to speak to a team member who will wipe your fines when you “discover something new!”


Changes relating to overdue items

  • Members with items overdue for more than 7 days will not be able to borrow until overdue items are returned
  • Members with items that are overdue for 28 days will be invoiced for the item replacement costs. If items are returned, charges will be automatically removed and borrowing privileges restored
  • Replacement costs for damaged items still apply


I have lost items, are there options for me if I am experiencing financial difficulty?

Yes, there are. We encourage you to make payments on money owing for lost items if you can. But you don’t need to pay all at once. Please have a chat with one of our friendly team members who can set up a payment plan for you. You can still visit and borrow library items if you have money owing.