Quiet Zones at Preston and Northcote Libraries

A person using a laptop

There are two designated Quiet Zones: one at the rear of Preston Library and one at the front of Northcote Library.

The Quiet Zone is a quiet area for study, work or relaxation. It's part of our commitment to meet the different needs of people using our physical spaces.

During the times detailed below, these areas are available for quiet use only. This means no phone or video calls, group conversation or other noisy activities.

Our libraries aren't silent spaces and conversation is welcome! We ask that during the Quiet Zone times you chat elsewhere in the library.

Preston Library

Between the hours of 1 and 3pm, Monday to Friday during school terms* the seating area at the back of Preston Library is a designated Quiet Zone.

*Due to event scheduling the Quiet Zone may occasionally need to be cancelled.

Northcote Library

The enclosed working space left of the entrance at Northcote Library is a designated Quiet Zone during all library opening hours. Customers are permitted to close the door during noisy periods, such as during regular or special events.