Reservations and requests

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Find out how you can reserve items that are on loan or at one of our other library branches, and request items that you can't find in our catalogue.

How do I make a reservation?

If the item you would like to borrow is on loan, or available at one of our other library branches, you can reserve it for free!

When the item is returned, we will notify you by email or SMS and it will be held for you at your chosen library.

There are different ways you can reserve an item:

  • Reserve an item online through our library catalogue - log in to our catalogue with your library card number and 6 digit PIN, search for the item and click 'place reservation'.
  • Reserve an item through the Darebin Libraries app - make sure you are logged into your account using your library card number and 6 digit PIN. Use the search bar at the top of the app to find the item you are looking for, then select 'place reservation'.
  • Phone - call us on 1300 655 355 during our opening hours and our friendly staff will be happy to place your reservation for you
  • If the item is not in our library catalogue, you can request the item by submitting a request via the link below.

Getting the item you need

If we don't have the item you want to borrow listed in our catalogue, you can fill out our request form. We will use our Collection Development Guidelines(PDF, 370KB) to decide whether the item should be purchased or if we will request it from another library via inter-library loan. We will then notify you when the item is available for you to borrow.

An important note about inter-library loans:

Limits now apply for our customers using the inter-library loans (ILL) service. The ILL limit for customers is 6 items per year.

Most of the time, Darebin Libraries offer this service without fees. Occasionally, we can’t access items locally. If the item is only available from an interstate, academic or state library there will be a $33.60 fee to retrieve it. We will let you know if that is the case, and you can decide if you want to proceed with the loan.

You can also request an item by calling 1300 655 355 during opening hours with the title, author and ISBN or speak to a staff member on your next visit.

While we welcome requests for new magazine titles via the request form, additions to the library’s magazine collection are reviewed on an annual basis.

Recommend an item for our collection

Have you read something good that you think we should have in our collection? After confirming we don’t already have it in our catalogue, you can make a recommendation for purchase by completing our request form.

All recommendations are first assessed to ensure they meet our Collection Development Guidelines


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