Northcote Library in Separation Street

In October 1981, The City of Northcote declares it will build a new library for Northcote. The existing High Street Library and St Georges Road library were considered too small. Councillors were confident it would be, ‘the most modern library to Northcote.’ The City of Northcote purchased three properties to make way for the new building. The decision was not finalised for two years as the Council considered renovating the High Street Carnegie building. In April 1983, the former plant nursery Separation Street site was agreed on. It was budgeted as $1.5 million in the 1980s currency. The architect Mr Bryan Miller, from Daryl Jackson Pty Ltd, said the plan was drawn up, ‘to make the library look like a house,’ so people could be comfortable using the facilities. 

Northcote Library opened at 32-38 Separation Street on July 15, 1985. It was formerly opened by Frank Wilkes MP on July 18. Manager Sophie Athan described the library to be from the “21st Century” stating it would set trends for library services in Victoria and Australia. The library opened with up-to-date computer equipment for catalogues and information, a video information loop, a theatre and an external courtyard and amphitheatre. The library was entered into the 1986 national Awards for Innovation in Local Government. It has since undergone several renovations.

In 1994 Northcote Library Service merged with Preston Library Service to form Darebin Libraries. It has four branches, Northcote, Preston, Reservoir and Fairfield.

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