St Georges Road Library

A shop front library opened at 198 St Georges Road Northcote in 1941. It was owned by My John Henry Wilson and Mrs. Mary Jane Wilson.  From 1950 Robert Henry Wilson worked at the library. This was a private family run library. It was closed by 1956, when it became a tailor.
In 1951, another shop front library opened at 280 St Georges Road by Chief Librarian Alan Gillies. This library was closed two years later as the City of Northcote prepared a new purpose built library. 
Under the care of Alan Gillies, the new Northcote Library and Baby Health Centre was officially opened by Northcote Mayor, Cr. J. C. Potter, J. P. on 30th October 1959. It was at 313-17 St Georges Rd Thornbury. Cr. Potter said at the opening, ‘If people read enough, there wouldn’t be any need for peace conference.’ Chairman of the Free Library Service Board Cr. W. D. Vaughan in his speech said, ‘Libraries and television could work side by side to educate the public,’ continuing that ‘television started a thirst for knowledge’. He stated that this thirst would take people back to municipal libraries. 
This remained a library branch until 4th July 1986, when the current Northcote Library on Separation Street became the main branch for Northcote. The site at St Georges Rd is now Merri Community Child Care Centre & Kindergarten. 

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