Richard Owens - accidental hero

In June, 1912 - a young boy, Eustace Price aged 8 years, accidentally fell 30m into the Northcote Brickworks hole. His elder brother cried for help and a passer by, Richard Owens - sewer-worker, took his clothes off and jumped in to rescue the drowning lad, who could not swim. However both now needed rescuing.

The Leader reports that two employees of Northcote Brickworks, Rober McEnvoy and James Ramedell, got a plank and rope. Swam with it to Owens who placed Eustace on the plank and tied him down and brought him up the slope. He was taken by local physician, Dr David Mendelsohn, in his motor car to Children's Hospital. Was admitted with head injuries, both arms broken and serious injury. Richard Owens was praised for his courage as was McEvoy and Ramedell.

A few days later the Leader publishes a letter from H Bastings (Mayor) and Cr J G Membrey.  'Since the accident Mr Owens who is employed by the Metropolitan Board (of Works) has been incapacitated and unable to work, and we think this plucky act should receive recognition.' In the coming weeks the Richard Owens' Fund was heavily publicised and 37/2/6 was raised and given to Mr Owens.

Northcote Leader (Northcote, Vic. : 1882 - ), (1912, June 8 and July 20).