South Preston Patent Brick and Tile Company

Milton Crescent, Preston

The South Preston Patent Brick and Tile Company was formed in 1888 to develop a clay hole at the end of the Milton Court. This was not the first brickworks in the immediate vicinity, Scott's brickworks had already been operating behind Watson and Paterson's bacon factory on the corner of Plenty Road and Dundas Street.

A local man, H. Walkderden was both shareholder and sometime manager of the South Preston Patent Brick and Tile Company. Like most brickworks in the area it closed frequently during the 1890s Depression as demand waned. 

With the coming of the new century the brickworks closed and the Preston Council began the task of filling the quarry. By 1926 the then current owner of the land, J. W. Adams presented the land to the council, the site becoming the Florence Adams Playground and J. W. Adams Reserve. It is now currently known as the Adams Reserve.

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