Hutton's Bacon Factory

Oakover Street, Preston

James Carruthers Hutton established a 3 storey bacon factory in Preston (off 59 High Street/Oakover Road) in 1881, and was also a member of the Jika Shire Council. He had been an employee of the bacon factory (Pioneer Brand) set up by two Scots, William Paterson and William Watson, from whom he learned all his skills.

He started with one other man and two boys, gradually building it up and by 1903, his company was the largest in Australia. Hutton's Pineapple Brand bacon and hams became widely known, and he started branches at Warrnambool and Brisbane. He died in 1886 at 41, leaving a wife and 7 children. The firm was run by trustees, according to his will, and continued to prosper.

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