T. Adams & Co Quarry, Alphington

The Adams Quarry was located in Alphington, bordered by the Darebin Creek to the east and north, Yarana Rd to the west and the railway line to the south. It was one of the first quarries in the Darebin Creek catchment area. It was also one of the larger quarries in Darebin, covering some 30 acres of land. After being initially purchased as land for and orchard, the Adams family soon discovered the rich deposits of basalt and bluestone and developed the quarry. Much of the extracted material, which totalled some six million tonnes of bluestone by the time the quarry closed in 1965, was used for road metal and railway ballast. The quarry was owned and run by the Adams family until 1939 when they sold to Associated Quarries Pty. Ltd. The quarry then closed permanently in 1965.  The hole has since been filled and developed as parkland as well as the Darebin Enterprise Centre.

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