Peters' Grocery Store, Thornbury

cnr. of Darebin Road and Salisbury Grove

The general store on the corner of Darebin Road and Salisbury Grove opened in 1890 with Mark Peters as the first owner. The house attached to the store apparently built at the same time. In 1899 Mrs S. Ockleshaw was the new occupant but it still operated as a general store. Sometime over the next fourteen years it changed hands again and by 1913 Miss L. Cornish was operating it as a grocers. The store keepers were to change on a regular basis with D. H. Smith in 1921, Mrs. De Witt in 1938, O Stonehouse during the 50s, Mrs Greeves in 1957 and Mrs. J. Barton in 1959. By 1960 the house and the store had separate owners for the first time. Mrs D. Smith lived in the house whilst the shop became Spotless dry cleaners. In 1965 the shop was closed and has been part of the house ever since.

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