Ongarello's Wine Hall

343 (later 387) High Street Northcote

Harry Gill had been operating a wine café in High Street for several years before S. Salinger opened his café at 343 High Street Northcote (later renumbered to 387 High Street). This new café was located just north of the Arthurton Rd, High Street intersection only a few doors away from Gills establishment. By the early 1900s the intersection of High Street, Arthurton Rd and Separation Street was serviced by one hotel and four wine cafes or wine merchants stores. At this stage the wine café was run by V. Franzone who was to stay until 1921 when G. Ongarello took over. The business was to remain in the Ongarello family’s hands until 1965. It briefly operated as a grocery store in the late 60s before becoming a Safeway store in 1970. The building has subsequently been demolished and part of the site now occupied by Sportsmart.

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