Heidelberg Bridge, Fairfield

The bridge on Heidelberg Road, spanning the Merri Creek between Clifton Hill and Fairfield was built between 1849 and 1852. The original bridge was a timber structure constructed by Thomas Stephens. A local publican provided the timber; probably Pearson from the Northcote Arms Hotel.  The approaches to the bridge were funded by local residents. A cost of £200 was allocated to the building of the bridge.

Previous to the bridge being built, a ford existed at the site but was dangerous during flood times. Several lives were reputed to have been lost there. The timber bridge was later replaced with a blue stone structure. The original bluestone structure was a two-lane bridge. In the 1930s it was widened to the current four lanes. Architecturally the join was seamless. Flooding in 2004 caused erosion of the southern embankment. This was reinforced with concrete and rocks.

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