Preston General Cemetery

900 Plenty Rd, Bundoora

The Preston General Cemetery - currently named Preston Cemetery, is situated at 900 Plenty Road, on the east side of Plenty Rd, north of the Darebin Creek and includes a small cemetery which was formerly known as the Strathallan Cemetery (1846-1931). In December 1846 Malcolm McLean donated one acre situated on the north eastern side of the present cemetery as a burial ground for early pioneers. It is estimated that there are over 1000 pioneers and their descendants in this part of the cemetery. The earliest internment dates back to the year 1847.

In 1922 the Preston Council took over the Strathallan Cemetery. In 1925 the cemetery was greatly expanded and became part of the Preston Cemetery. Some adjoining land was acquired and was re-opened on January 1, 1931. as the Preston General Cemetery.  The cost of private graves at the time was 2 pounds 5 schillings per single allotment. The cemetery is 14 acres in size and holds about 24,000 graves.

The cemetery has the largest enclosed mausoleum in the Southern hemisphere with space for 3,800 deceased persons.

Cemetery Records can be searched on the website of Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust