Northcote Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall

496 High Street, Northcote

The Northcote Soldiers and Memorial Hall was built in 1922 for the use of Northcote's returned servicemen from the First World War. The architect was Harry Norris and the total cost of construction was £6,000 of which the Northcote Council contributed £2,500. During the First World War nearly 2,000 of Northcote’s young men volunteered. For a number of years after World War Two an anti-aircraft gun was on display outside the hall, the home of the Northcote Returned Services League. In early 2000 the hall became the home of the Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association. The Northcote RSL merged with the Preston RSL to form the Darebin RSL, now located at 402 Bell Street Preston.

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