Cawdor town

In the early 1860s Northcote was separated into two distinct areas. Lower Northcote was the area around High Street now known as Westgarth whilst Upper Northcote was from the top of Rucker's Hill to Separation Street. When Dr. Peter Macarthur began selling off some of his land in 1861 and 1864 the area was given the name of Cawdor Town Estate to separate it as distinct from Upper and Lower Northcote.  The estate stretched from Merri Creek in the west to High Street at its most eastern point and was strung along Arthurton Road.  Mr Stubbs was the real estate agent responsible for the sales.  These first sales were probably more towards the Brunswick end of Arthurton Road.

The first auctions took place in May 1861 and were sold as part of Dr. Mcarthur's estate. Dr. Mcarthur ran the Inebriates Retreat in St. Georges Road and his representatives were selling part of the land along the northern boundary of his estate.

The second set of land sales took place in April 1864 on behalf of the family of the late Mrs Ann Mcarthur. The real estate agent describing the area as the township of Cawdor, adjacent to the township of Northcote. This set covered from St. Georges Road to High Street. The lots were sized to appeal to 'working-classes, market gardeners and vintners.' Each block was about 1/2 acre in size.  Of particular interest were the blocks facing Plenty Road (note in the 1860s High Street was called Plenty Road).   High Street was described as an 'excellent road, and the daily and hourly light traffic of the town and country cabs.'

At the same time the Mcarthur's house and estate was sold.   This was described as 60ft long, and including drawing rooms, six bedrooms, servants room and kitchen on 27 acres.  This included frontage to both St. Georges Road and the Merri Creek and the soil was considered excellent for the growth of vines, with heavy crops resulting in several years of excellent vintage wines produced as well as a 'noble orchard.' 



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