The Beginnings of Preston and Northcote Councils

The first glimmers of local government started almost as soon as Northcote and Preston began to be settled. The first adhoc organisation was an informal advisory body which reported to the Colonial Secretary and was composed of prominent local owners.

By the early 1850s district road boards began to be formed around the state. Local citizens would petition the Government to form a local road board and this board would have the authority to raise revenue (mainly through road tolls) and use the money to improve roads and infrastructure.

Both Northcote and Preston were part of the Epping Road Board from the 1850s to 1871. In 1871 they separated from the road board to form the Shire of Jika Jika. In turn Northcote left the Shire of Jika Jika in 1883 to form the Borough of Northcote.

After 1883 both towns made their own journeys from Borough to Town to City. In 1993 the Victorian Government decided to amalgamate local governments across the State. As a result in 1994 Northcote and Preston were reunited to form the City of Darebin.

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