Athletics at Edwardes Lake Park

The focus of track and feld activity in Preston and Reservoir has long been Edwardes Lake Park.  An athletic facility has been in place at the park since for well over 50 years, although initially the standard of the facilities was poor.  In the mid 1950s, with the playing of football and cricket having being discontinued at the Park, Preston Council decided to replace the old grass running track with a new track and other facilities built to an international standard.  The council set aside money for the project and advised the Preston Harries Athletic Club that the facility would soon be in place.

A request for state government financial assistance was rejected in 1959 which set the project back, but slowly the facility was built and then improved.  A fence was commissioned in 1963 and a pump system was installed in 1966.  In 1970, after consultation with overseas experts, an Olympic standard 400 metre track surfaced with rubberised asphalt was constructed at a cost of $46,000.  The completed track was soon complemented by a new pavilion and other facilities.

The athletic area at Edwardes Lake Park is the premier facility for track and field in Darebin.  It is currently the home of the Australian Hellenic Federation of Gymnastics & Athletics Association, the Preston/Reservoir Little Athletics and the Preston Athletics Club.  It is also often used for athletic carnivals of schools and other groups.

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