Preston Trugo Club

Trugo was a popular game in Melbourne developed in the 1920s

The game of Trugo (‘true-go’) is said to have been invented in Melbourne’s Newport Railyards in the 1920s. Railworkers used a wooden mallet to shoot a rubber buffer ring through two markers. When the rings went through the markers it is thought that observers called ‘True-go’.

The Preston Trugo Club was located at the Preston Station precinct from 1960 to the 1980s, winning four Victorian Trugo Association premierships in this time.

The club was demolished in 2019 as part of the Victorian Government Level Crossing Removal Project works, with the Preston Station car park now located on the club’s former site, north of Cramer Street.

There are still active Trugo clubs across Melbourne. Find out more about Trugo using the QR code or contact Darebin Libraries.