Preston Cycling Club

Preston Professional Cycling Club
It is unclear when the Preston Cycling Club began but it is likely to have been in the 1880s. On September 18, 1896, the Northcote Cycling Club, which had 30 members amalgamated with the Preston Cycling Club, which had 40 members. On 7th of October 1896, an annual meeting was held at 272 High Street Preston. At the meeting was the president of the shire of Preston, Cr. Isaac Barrow, Cr. John White, Mr. Walter Spencer Stott, Robert James Whalley, Gilbert Franklin Major, John Healy, W. Cullis (secretary), Mr. James Railton (treasurer), Mr. Harold Bastings and Dr. Thomas George Beckett, who was elected president. Ladies were admitted as members of the club free of charge. By 1920, Preston had separated from Northcote. The Preston Cycling Club used to ride on a track on Oakover Rd. Preston. This is now a housing estate.  
After the Second World War the Preston Professional Cycling Club merged with Heidelberg to form the Preston-Heidelberg Cycling Club. By 1955, the club separated again. 

Preston Amateur Cycling Club
In 1919 Mr William Johnson, a vice-president of the Victorian Amateur Cyclists' Union, was successful in establishing an amateur club at Preston. It did not become an official club until 1922. The Preston Amateur Cycling club used to hold their meetings are the secretary‘s house, 110 Darebin Street, Northcote. 

1960s onwards 
The Preston clubs rode at the T. W. Andrews Reserve in Reservoir during the 1960s and still use this track today. Although today there are still professional and amateur streams, both now operate under Preston Cycling Club. 

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