Northcote Choral Society

The Northcote Choral Society formed in February 1930 with conductor, James G. Neilson, who remained the society’s conductor for many years. James G. Neilson was a singing teacher and many of his pupils found their way into the Northcote Choral Society. Within their first year, they began with twelve members and had two concerts in Northcote Town Hall. Their numbers quickly increased and became known as the ‘Choir of 100 voices’. 
In 1931 two choirs took first and second place in Bendigo. It was registered as an educational and philanthropic society. The choir was very successful in competitions in Ballarat, Bendigo, Wagga, Melbourne and Sydney. 
The choir performed at an ANZAC commemorative service, the Royal Victorian Liedertafel, the Korumburra theatre, the Melbourne Town Hall, a pageant of Royalty at the Exhibition Building Melbourne, Preston Town Hall and Northcote Town Hall. They published ‘Sankey's sacred songs: sixteen of Sankey's greatest hymns’ in the 1960s. 
Primary resources donated by Mrs. L. Wight. 


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