Collection development guidelines

Learn about our collection development guidelines. These ensure the materials in our libraries reflect the diverse needs of the Darebin community.

Darebin Libraries provides a library service to all of our diverse community, including groups identified in the City of Darebin Equity and Inclusion Planning and Audit tool (EIPAT). Resources, program and service delivery is extended to everyone in the community who lives, works, studies or visits the council area.

Our collection development guidelines have been developed to ensure a variety of material and formats are provided to reflect the diverse needs of the Darebin community.

These guidelines explain why Darebin Libraries collects particular material.

The guidelines provide guidance for the Darebin community, our Council and commercial providers to what should be included in the collection.

All selected material should fulfill the selection guidelines and any specific criteria required for special collections.

Read the Darebin Libraries collection development guidelines.