Palm reader arrested

On the 6th July 1929 Rebecca Casey, of David Street Preston used 'a subtle art' (i.e. palmistry) to tell the fortune of Lily Eva Smith for the trifling sum of one shilling. From viewing Ms Smith's hand Rebecca was able to divine that Ms Smith was, '...vey unconventional. You will have long life, and you like to do things different to everyone else. You will make a mistake before or after your marriage.' Unfortunately for Rebecca Casey, Ms. Smith's hand failed to reveal she was a policewoman. At the same time Mrs Casey read the palm of Elizabeth Martin and stated, '...You will be very passionate in your love affairs but God help those you dislike.' Ms Martin was also a policewoman. 

Brought up before Magistrate J. McNamara, Casey was fined £5 per charge or in lieu one month in jail. The Police Prosecutor also asked for court costs but the Magistrate declined, noting the policewomen had received 'good advice.'

Palm reader fined on two charges.  Northcote Leader (Vic. Northcote 1888 - ), 2 August 1929, p.3