Myrl Shoe Factory

Plenty Road, Preston

The Myrl shoe factory was established in 1919 by Harold Hayden in Pender Street Thornbury. In 1923 Hayden entered into partnership with J. E. Chater and H. A. Bean and moved to new, larger premises on the corner of Plenty Road and Milton Street, Preston. As the business grew, the company purchased the cottage next door in 1928 and expanded into a second factory block. A third factory was added in 1933. The business was substantial and by the mid 1930s could boast a staff of over 200, manufacturing 750,000 slippers per annum, and shipping to all over Australia as well as New Zealand and South Africa. The factory specialised in slippers, making them for men, women and children and in a variety of styles. Most of the materials used in the industry were supplied by the local tanning manufacturers.

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