Graeme Blundell

(1945 - )

Famous actor, director, producer and writer. Spent early childhood years on a farm in Reservoir. Attended Keon Park Primary and Merrilands High schools. He remembers his mother saying that living in Reservoir was “worse than the end of the world”. “Just a couple of half-built timber-framed weatherboard houses, down a muddy road with long waving grass on either side.” Graeme and his mother left Clifton Hill in a caravan to live in Reservoir in 1955 and they lived in a wooden shed made from a car shipping container “which smelled of creosote and sawdust”.  He then got pneumonia and they moved into the windowless house his father was building on weekends. “When the storms came, the rain made swampy marshes of the furrows dug beside the dirt roads awaiting what my mother said were ‘essential services’, and the lightning made the ground tremble.”

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