Johan Gottleib Arndt


Johann Gottleib Arndt was a pioneer of the Preston brick industry.  A German born immigrant, his brickworks on the south-eastern corner of Raglan and Hotham Streets was the first brickworks in South Preston, producing hand-made bricks in the 1860’s.  Arndt also was the first to develop two other clay holes, one in Collier St (now T. A. Cochrane Reserve), and the other near Milton Crescent (now Adams Reserve).  He sold the Collier Street hole to local man F. A. Harris in 1878 who started the Fitzroy Steam Brick Pipe and Tile Company, and the Milton Crescent hole became the South Preston Patent Brick and Tile Company in 1888.  Arndt was married to Louisa Dorothea Libeck sometime before 1840.  He died in Preston in 1894 aged 76.


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