Thomas William Bransgrove

(c1835 - 16 Aug 1912)

Thomas William Bransgrove was one of Preston’s early settlers. He was born in Tasmania and arrived in Preston c1859. He settled in the Gowerville Estate in Bell St, which was then being subdivided. One of the first to raise monies for establishment of Gowerville School. He farmed his large tract of land until the 1880s, when he sold a large section for considerable profit. A family of 14 were raised on his farm. 11 survived in 1912; 6 sons and 5 daughters. Mrs Bransgrove survived her husband, however, she had paralytic seizures pre 1912. Until his passing he resided at 'Howard Park' in Wood St. At his passing he was 77 years and buried at Coburg Cemetery. Rev George Carson performed the burial service. As well as his homestead, set on five acres, Bransgrove owned a number of blocks of land around Preston which were later managed by his children. His son G. Bransgrove, was a Preston councillor 1917-1927.

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