Church of Christ, Reservoir

The Church of Christ at 925 High Street Reservoir was build in 1938 by volunteers of the Men's Christian Association who worked on weekend and in their spare time to complete it. Previously the congregation had been meeting at the Reservoir State School but had outgrown the building.  The church opened in July 1938. The first preacher was Lewis Lofts, a grandson of Cr. Swains. George H. Snookes was the preacher there from the 1950s through to at least 1974. Snookes may have been the same George Henry Snookes (RAAF) who married Dorothy Findlay in Northcote in December 1942. Originally the road past Edwardes Street was known as Epping Road but in 1951 it became High Street. In 1988 the building was sold and converted into a house. It has been sold several times since then. 

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