Francis Edis Beaver

(1824 - 1887) - Northcote Mayor 1885 - 1886

Francis Edis Beaver was one of the first councillors of Northcote, when it was known as the Borough of Northcote after separating from the Shire of Jika to become its own entity in 1883.
Beaver was Mayor of Northcote in 1885/6.

Beaver was born in England and moved to Australia before he was 10 years old. After a few years in Sydney he came down to Melbourne in 1840. He worked as an auctioneer and ship and commission agent before becoming a member of Victorian Parliament. He was a councillor of the Municipality of Northcote from 1883 to 1887, and was Mayor during 1885-6.

Beaver resided on a large estate bordered by Beavers Road, High Street, St. Georges Road and Beaconsfield Parade. It could be entered via a carriage drive which circled his large lawn. He sold his property in September 1887, and retired from the Northcote Council due to poor health. He died two months later aged 63.

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