Northland Shopping Centre

2-50 Murray Road, Preston

Northland was originally built and owned by the Myer Emporium. When it opened for business on Tuesday 4th of October 1966, it was Victoria's first and largest indoor mall shopping centre.

The shopping centre was built on land sold by the Housing Commission that once housed the migrant camp of nissen huts that were built in 1952 to accommodate the influx of new Australians who had made Preston their new home. The original shopping centre consisted of 3 malls radiating north, east and west from a centre stage area. It would have approximately 80 tenants and was estimated to cost 9 million pounds to complete. The site was bounded by Murray Rd, Hannah St, Wood St and Darebin Creek. The news of the new shopping centre was greeted favourably by the Preston Council whose Mayor at the time was Councillor I.W Dole.

In October 1981 Myer proposed to redevelop and enlarge Northland but they could not get planning approval. In 1982 Northland was sold to the Gandel Group of Companies. Since then the shopping centre has had numerous expansions and renovations.

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