Gowerville Theatre

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175 Plenty Road, Preston

The Gowerville Theatre opened in 175 Plenty Road, Preston (near Bell Street) in 1926, and was described as 'one of the most modern in the suburbs'. It opened in May 1930 after installing 'special talkie gear at immense expense'. On the programme was 'Mickey the Mouse'. By July 1930, it was running in conjunction with the Star Theatre, showing the same programmes. Colour film had now been developed, and both cinemas showed the world's first technicolour operetta 'Rio Rita'. During the Depression, it was closed in 1930, re-opening in 1938. Several other cinemas were opened during the movie boom time from the late 1930s, during World War II into the 1950s until drive-in cinemas became popular, followed by the popularity of television from 1956 onwards.

A smart marketing move by the theatre's management saw a couple of interesting local Football (Northern Bullants) awards. At the Monday night screenings, patrons were asked to vote for their best player (at the Gowerville) and the fairest player (at the Star) from the previous Saturday's game. The Gowerville was demolished in the early 1960s.

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