25 Jackson Street, Westgarth

Known as "Greendale", the house was "erected on the Railway Department's subdivision of 'Plant's Paddock'". George Plant had run a racing track on part of George Urquhart's Crown Portion 89 prior to his sale of the land to the Railways Department in the 1880s. The Railways sub-divided the old track in 1903and named the surrounding streets after past councillors. Local developer, Joseph Wigg, purchased over 20 lots by 1905. He sold Lot 21 to Jacob R. Victor in 1909 and may have sold "Greendale" with it. Victor sold out a year later to Edward C. Lee, a bootmaker, and may have been the builder/developer of this allotment. William Baker, who was a foreman, owned it within the next decade and remained there until well into the 1920s. Though built some years after the Victorian era, the house is styled after the Victorian age. It is timber, double-fronted and asymmetrical and is an original example of a house-type which typifies Northcote and other timber built suburbs of the growth period 1900-1910.

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