High Street Verandahs

Photographs of the 1870s show shops in High Street, Northcote having simple verandahs with wooden posts. During the 1890s many retail businesses in High Street were rebuilt. Cast iron verandahs became popular. As Northcote moved into the next century cars began to make their appearance in the streets of Northcote. This presented a problem for the Northcote Council as the old style verandahs and hitching posts impeded parking for cars. 

In 1935 Northcote Council passed a by-law stating that all old style verandahs were to be removed by 1946. This was later extended to 1949 to make allowances for the impact of the Second World War. There were clearly some dissenters as a report to Council in 1954 noted that there were still 50-60 premises with the old style verandahs. One of the last to go was at 812-814 High Street.

Although all the original verandahs have been demolished in High Street, a couple of premises have now reinstalled cast iron replacements.