11 Bastings Street, Northcote

'Beaumont' at 11 Bastings Street, Northcote, is the oldest known mansion constructed in Northcote during the pastoral phase of its history and among a small number of houses which date from the 1860s. It was built for the prosperous fruit and produce merchant John Gull Johnson. By 1900 a solicitor named Edgar Johnson occupied 'Beaumont', but sold to Mr Hearre the following year. Within the next decade, Northcote's tanner, Joshua Pitt, had commenced a 20 year tenure. After his death, the Northcote Council bought the deceased estate and turned the building into a kindergarten/creche. The building is now known as the Annie Dennis Children's Centre; named in deference to Mrs Annie Dennis, who was responsible for the Council acquiring the property in 1928, and the centre opening in 1929.

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