Bertrand John Deacon

(1922 -1974)

Bert Deacon was born in Northcote in 1922 before moving to Preston in 1927. With his father a notable Preston footballer, it was to be expected that Bert would also become a footballer. After displaying talent both at the West Preston State School and the Preston 3 K.Z. Team, Deacon played some football for Carlton during the war years. 

With the end of the Second World War Deacon continued to play for Carlton and was the first Carlton player to ever win the Brownlow Medal in 1947.  In 1952 Deacon returned to Preston as Captain/Coach. Later as coach he led the Bullants to their first final since the Second World War. 
Deacon later became a panellist on the A.B.V. Channel 2 football show.

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